“Coach Kornblue is a great instructor and he really breaks down each aspect of kicking form. I would say what sets Coach Kornblue apart is his passion and his attention to detail. He’ll go through with you your swing, your overall approach to the ball, and the mental aspect as well. You learn a lot from him and I’m grateful for that. A lot of other guys try to get through as many guys as they can. He focuses on each individual, what they’re doing and specific to their actual form. I think it helps in the long run and he creates great students and great kicking prospects.”
Blair Walsh, NFL veteran kicker
Selected to 2013 NFL Pro Bowl as a rookie/4th Round draft pick

“The film you created for Brett was just the beginning of a two-week whirlwind recruiting experience, which culminated in Brett being offered a full scholarship to punt at UConn…” (CLICK HERE to read full letter)
Kim Graham, Mom of Brett Graham
Class of 2016 punter

“Without question, I would recommend any kicker or punter, at any level, to attend Kornblue Kicking camps. Coach Kornblue’s attention to detail, fundamentally-sound technical instruction, and mental approach to the kicking game, take the learning experience to the next level in comparison to others. He will undoubtedly maximize your potential.”
Zoltan Mesko, NFL veteran punter
2010 NFL Draft 5th Round pick

“Along with the rest of the staff, I really wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you’ve done with our kicker. He is giving us an edge that we didn’t have last year. He’s done a helluva job & he’s had a helluva camp. He is going to be our guy. We have full confidence in him. He’s 6/6 in game-winners throughout fall camp and made a 52 yarder today. He’s been incredible. And that’s all thanks to you. I can’t thank you enough, I really can’t. I will definitely get a Kornblue kicker from now on. You’re a godsend for this university and this program for sure. I appreciate it. Thanks again!”
Special Teams Coach (ACC school) -August 2015

“Brandon, I can’t thank you enough for the coaching, inspiration, and most importantly, the amazing role model that you are in so many ways. My son is a better kicker because of you….that’s a given! More importantly….I KNOW he is a better PERSON, because of your true intention to help these young athletes be their best, stay true to themselves and their families, and focus on their goal to be a top recruit in the college world. Thank you for all of that and more!!”
Parent of 2015 Kicker/Punter (FL)

“Coach Kornblue, I just wanted to let you know how much my son enjoyed the last camp. Your camp is a 180 degree turn from another camp he attends which is centered around a ranking system that promotes, what I would say, the more you show up the higher your ranking is. I whole-heartedly agree in your aspects of the social media and all others areas you touch on during the debrief, along with the talk with all the long snappers in the other classroom, where a lot of questions centered on grades, schoolwork and life after football. Great to come from someone else, besides a parent. He has attended numerous camps (I attend with him) and this is the first long snapping camp that I believe purely puts the kids before the money. I truly appreciate and respect it. You run a class act and make it extremely enjoyable for the kids/young adults. Will see you in the future, and thanks again for a great camp!”
Parent of 2015 Long Snapper (TX)


John Lunsford, NFL kicker
Set school & conference record with a 60 yard FG to send game into overtime (Oct. 5, 2014)

“My son recently attended one of your camps in Ohio. Having gone through a summer as my wife would say, from hell, on the road to many university specialty camp visits, it would be an understatement to say that we were fortunate to save the best for last. She was so thoroughly impressed with the organization, the content, and the genuine attention that your team promoted throughout the entire day. Having attended 8 separate university camps during the summer that were run by some seemingly high profile camp organizers, it became apparent from the very beginning that your team was going to be different. He enjoyed the attention, the valuable evaluations, and the passion that each and every one of your team brought to the program that day. Your constructive dialogue and just the overall atmosphere and tone set you apart from anyone else that is in the business of supporting special teams athletes. Keep up the great work you are doing! As you continue in your success with these young men please try and stay true to your style. It works. My son and wife experienced it first and was glad to say that we saved the best for last, Brandon. ”
Parent of 2017 kicker/punter (OH)

“Hi Brandon, I can’t believe David is already a senior. He is doing well with his studies and has had a successful college kicking career. We thank you for all that you did for and with David’s kicking skills.”
Jim Gonzalez, Parent of Concordia’s David Gonzalez
All-time leading scorer for kickers (Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference)

“We knew and Coach Kornblue emphasized that the off season is a critical time for improving your skills. My son began receiving instruction at private lessons, small group clinics, and at various kicking camps all the way up to the beginning of his senior year. My son received outstanding instruction on kicking and punting and made consistent and noticeable improvement in both. His improvement was most noticeable in his performance at the various kicking camps. Coach Kornblue’s camps had fantastic instructors including NFL and college kickers. My son also improved his mental approach to every kick and punt. Coach Kornblue is an outstanding individual and family man. My son is a better person/athlete because of the total experience and teachings of Coach Kornblue. We know that my son will be the best kicker/punter he can be in his senior year because of Coach Kornblue.”
Parent of  2010 Kicker/Punter (FL)

“If you are looking for a kicking coach, Brandon Kornblue has exactly what you need: knowledge, experience, and integrity. There are many kicking camps available, but there aren’t any better men than Brandon Kornblue.”
Jay Feely, 14 year NFL veteran & 2005 Pro Bowl alternate

“Matt and I enjoyed your recent camp. The camp was very organized. I believe you have the best camp in the country. Myles and Jeremy are great instructors. They provide a learning and fun enviroment. I was very impressed with the way Jeremy broke down Matt’s snapping in the film room describing his form and quick release. He has come a long way in the past year.”
Parent of 2012 Long Snapper (FL)

“Coach Kornblue, Tyler has had a great sophomore season this year. He was 100% on all of his long and short snaps. Today, the varsity head coach named Tyler the varsity starting long snapper. Thanks for all you’ve done to get Tyler ready for an opportunity like this. He didn’t even flinch when the coach asked him if he could do it. Having great mechanics, a routine he follows on every snap, and the confidence he gained from working with your staff will make a potentially frightening experience one that he’ll actually enjoy and remember the rest of his life. Your coaches have had a lot to do with that. We’ll see you at a camp sometime this year.”
Parent of 2013 Long Snapper (FL)

“Anthony was a great kicker before, but after working with Kornblue, he has taken things to a whole new level … especially with his punting.”
Houston St. Pius Head Football Coach Robin Kirk
(referring to 2013 All American K/P Anthony Fera)

Click here for letter from parent of a Division 1 Kicker/Punter

“Hi Coach, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for everything you did for my son, getting him in to the University of Michigan. When we started talking about kicking in college, that is where he wanted to go more than anything. He went there numerous times in person trying to talk to someone and had various people try on his behalf, with no luck. He is VERY HAPPY and is dedicated to practicing and improving; he is determined to win a spot. I am also very happy to have him close to home where I can hopefully watch him play. Again, I can’t thank you enough.”
Parent of c/o 2014 Kicker/Punter – (MI)

“Coach Kornblue has great ability to analyze techniques and fundamentals with much detail. He provided suggestions that gave explosion and accuracy to my kicking game. He is a quality coach who will motivate you to expect excellence in every kick. He will absolutely improve some aspect of your kicking game.”
Derek Dimke, NFL placekicker

“I want to express my appreciation for what you and your coaches poured into my son at the UM Kicking Camp. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the experience, as he has struggled academically and spiritually in his high school years. When he returned from camp Saturday night, he called me and told me how the coaches had encouraged him and said that he had potential if he got his grades up. He was inspired by the talks and by being around high achieving kids from around the country. When I spoke with him, his whole countenance had changed. He was smiling, excited, and shared much about the day. Thank you for your efforts in setting up these camps around the country. My son will not be recruited by any big schools, he will not set any records, but he will always know that he was important to some athletes at a kicking camp. I think you helped him to see that he CAN be successful; that he DOES matter. These are things we have been telling him his whole life and yet hearing it from your staff made a huge impact.”
Parent of c/o 2010 Kicker/Punter – (MI)

“The parents I’ve met thus far speak highly – extremely highly – of your coaching and their experiences. Additionally, Evan is enjoying your clinics with great enthusiasm. I’m also noticing a difference in his self-confidence. To me, that is priceless. I also thank you for the FCA booklet and for being a great role model for the boys. I/we appreciate all that you represent. Thanks Coach!”
Parent of 2011 Kicker/Punter (FL)

“Coach Kornblue, your training sessions really helped me improve my field goal accuracy. Not only was your instruction helpful, but also your ideas on how to respond in pressure situations. I look forward to my next session with you. Thanks for your support on the field and on the telephone.”
c/o ’08 H.S. Kicker (committed to Big Ten University)

“He improved me a lot. I used to not be that good with punts. Now I’m crushing it. He helped me dramatically on extra points and field goals.”
Punter/Kicker, DII University

“Thank you for all you have done for me. I really appreciate the first-rate training that I received this preseason, the pre-game prayers/motivational talks we did before every game, and the hospitality that you provided in the summer. Watching you kick this summer was an inspiration and a life-changing experience. Hopefully, God will give me the talent to do great the next couple of years so I can play at the next level like you.”
Tony Ciaravino, Kicker
University of Connecticut – Lou Groza Award winner (HS)
(August 2006)

“I would not be where I am right now if it wasn’t for you. You gave more than just great coaching and excellent kicking techniques. You instilled confidence in me that I never had. You have only been the best thing that has happened to me and all I want to do is tell my story on how I never kicked in a varsity game and now I am a starting college kicker, all because of you. You are truly the best kicking coach I have ever come across and people out there should be aware of that. You have molded me into the person and athlete that I am today and I can only pay you back with respect and high regard. Now I am comfortable with what I do and I have faith in every kick. I can not thank you any more. You are one person that I can say has really changed my life! Thank you!”
Kicker, Div. III College

“Thank you so much for all that you did for Andrew and his kicking. I only wish that we had found you sooner. You have taught him more in the few short months that you worked with him than he learned in two seasons from his high school “kicking” coach. Once again, thank you for everything!”
Parents of DIII Kicker

“I had another great week. I started on kickoffs and had 3 touchbacks out of 4 kickoffs. I have to thank you again for what you’ve done!”
Kicker/Punter Div. IAA

“It’s difficult to put into words how much Brandon has meant not only to the Firecats, but to the game of Arena Football.”
Chris Vallozzi, President & General Manager
Florida Firecats (af2) – 2004 Arena Cup Champions

“He’s a tremendous player on the field and an even better person off the field. He had a perfect kicking style for Germain Arena; he had a knack for placing the ball out of play to prevent a return without kicking the ball into the rafters and giving up field position. His af2 numbers clearly say it all.”
Kevin Bouis, Head Coach
Florida Firecats (af2)