Morgan Hagee

Posted by kornblue - July 24, 2013

Hagee 2014NAME:
Morgan Hagee
5’11″/ 165 lbs
COLLEGE: Ball State

COMMENTS: Morgan is a standout on and off the field. His form as a kicker and punter is smooth, technically sound, and explosive. At the May 2014 Indianapolis Fab 50 Camp, Morgan won the FG competition with makes from 57, 55, 55, 50, & 50. Morgan has been attending our Fab 50 Camps for several years and shows improvement every time we see him. He’s a hard worker who is already getting good height and ball rotation on his FG’s off the ground. In 2012, he raised $2,960 for an 11 year old cancer patient’s foundation by securing donations from local businesses for every PAT & FG he kicked.