Ryan Gersonde

Ryan Gersonde
6’4″/ 180 lbs
COLLEGE: Undecided

COMMENTS: A 6’4″ lefty, Ryan is one of the Fab 50’s top nationally ranked punters for the class of 2017. From early June to late July, Ryan made significant improvements in his consistency and handle times. He stood out as one of the top 3 punters at each camp we saw him compete, but rose to another level by the end of the summer.  At our Ohio Fab 50 Camp (July 2016), we charted Ryan on 12 punts. Two had hang times over 5.0, four were 4.9+, and 9/12 were 4.5+ hangtime/40+ yards. His last five were 4.85/49, 4.78/48, 4.94/35, 4.70/45, & 4.88/43 (0-5 mph crosswind). The last three punts also charted hand to foot times of 1.4 seconds or under. He grew up in Australia playing Aussie Rules Football, which gives him a solid foundation for adapting to the rollout punt, if necessary. Ryan also is very proficient at Aussie style pooch punting. He is an impressive prospect who should have several FBS options to choose from.