Stone Wilson

Stone Wilson
5’10″/ 175 lbs
COLLEGE: Undecided


Stone is one of the top 2015 punters in the country and will play his senior season at IMG Academy (FL). He has a Division 1 leg & his consistency continues to improve. He is also a solid kicker but has the highest ceiling as a punter. His hang times are regularly in the mid-4 second range but has the ability to break 5 seconds with distances of 40+. Stone has been part of our Year-Round Training Program since his sophomore year and has several intangibles that will help him succeed at the collegiate level. He is competitive, humble yet confident, coachable, and liked by others. Any D1 program that overlooks his punting ability because of his height will be missing out on one of the nation’s best punting prospects. Rated #35 on ESPN’s Top 300 Kickers.