How to Start a Conversation

(via Twitter, text, etc...)

If you’re struggling with how to start a conversation with a college coach, be professional, but be yourself. Here are a few conversation starters:

  1. Coach Levine, I appreciate the follow. I’m very interested in the University of XYZ! Will you be looking to add a kicker/punter/snapper (your position) in my class?
  2. Coach Ragle, I’d love to talk over the phone. What’s the best number to reach you and is there a good time that I could call?
  3. Coach Crespo, I’d love to meet you in person. When would be a good time to visit campus?
  4. (** if looking to earn a spot as a PWO **) Coach, I am trying to find the best fit for me athletically AND academically. What GPA/test scores are necessary to get accepted to SCHOOL XYZ?